It’s time to change the way we approach ACL injury.

ALL female youth sports programs should have ACL injury prevention programs implemented by a trained professional starting by age 10-11. These athletes of the 90s have suffered our knees for the sake of CHANGE! WE CAN BE THE CHANGE! We can stop the cycle! And we can help young girls achieve their dreams!

No one else should have to have a story similiar to mine. ACL Injury Prevention Programs, proper and customized rehabiliation programs, and increased awareness on the athlete’s most at risk for ACL injury is the future. My mission is to educate, empower, and prevent injury in athletes who are at greatest risks for ACL injury.

To create change, we need to influence others! Please refer any young women or men who have torn their ACL recently or in the past to my blog. I want to mentor and network with these athletes to create change in their lives and help them create change in the lives of others. It’s time to rewrite the stats!

Join the movement to increase awareness for ACL Injury Prevention Programs and learn how to approach your ACL surgery with the proper education to have an extremely successful recovery.