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I’ve had requests to post more of my updates so here we go! 😊
Today is Day 42 from bone graft surgery. The bone graft is going to repair and rebuild bone in my knee where previous ACL graft tunnels were drilled. Because of my previous surgeries this tunnel was too big to support a new ACL so we had to fill it in and let it rebuild. (I currently have no ACL,  and a torn lateral meniscus and torn MCL) My mission now is gain as much strength as possible before the ACL and MCL surgery on 12/20/17. 💪💪
Remember that your rehab is crucial is your return to function in normal life and in your sport. Rehabilitation is where you regain your strength but it’s also the best time to address any muscle compensations causing you further pain or increased risk of injury. Do not down play your rehab!! It is crucial in your recovery for now and for the future health and longevity of your knee!
🔹Stability Ball Hamstring curls 4 x 15
🔹Lateral Tube Walking 4 x 15
🔹Side Step Up to Balance 4 x 15
🔹Single Leg Balance with Plyo Toss 4 x 15
🔹Modified Single Leg Ball Wall Squat 4 x 15
🔹Exercises should be performed slow and controlled working on stability and eccentric contraction to decrease force on the knee.