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Dealing with the Knee Brace: How to keep it Sexy

One of my biggest struggles revolves around my knee brace. It’s uncomfortable, annoying, and most of all, hard to wear with anything except workout clothes. This works fine for me most days of the week, as I work in a Personal Training Studio, but when I dress up, I find it difficult to find an outfit that works with the knee brace and is comfortable and cute at the same time.

During my first few surgeries I would try to hide the knee brace or refuse to dress up because it was too difficult or not worth trying. To me, the attention from the knee brace always feels negative and seems to label me, so I preferred trying to hide the brace or not make social plans to avoid talking about my injuries. But I found through this journey of knee surgeries, I was letting the knee brace have control and by taking control myself I could still feel comfortable and feminine as an injured athlete.

Here are some tips that might help with dressing up in your knee brace.

  1. Take control. Determine what you want to wear based on comfort and your likes instead of what looks good in the knee brace.
  2. Don’t be afraid to dress up. You have to wear the knee brace anyway. Own it. Wear the cute dress and don’t worry about all of the odd looks you will get.
  3. Find a sleeve that helps avoid the bracing rubbing when wearing jeans or pants.
  4. Be comfortable. Don’t feel pressured to wear anything you aren’t comfortable with wearing. If you don’t want to dress up then you don’t have to.
  5. Choose exciting outfits that take away the focus from your brace. This is fun because if you wear something beautiful or different, you will realize that people notice you and not just your brace.
  6. Accessorize your brace. Jewels, flowers, stickers. Make it fun.
  7. EmBRACE it. Work it. Own it.

You are YOU and not your brace.No matter how large your brace is or how long you have to wear it, gain the confidence in yourself to not allow it to discourage you and not allow anyone else’s comments about your brace or your injury to affect you. This is not easy. When I first started college my suite-mate saw the scars on my knees and exclaimed, “Your knees are uglier than my grandma’s!” It hurt my feelings and for YEARS I was nervous to wear shorts for the fear of what people would say about my scars. It’s not worth the time and emotion to allow someone to discourage you in that way. Just know that your knees and your brace do not define who are you and no matter what anyone says; you are an amazing, beautiful, and unique person. People’s viewpoints come from their own insecurities so never allow someone’s perceptions of you to change your perception of yourself.