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Get Outside of your Own Head

Getting Outside of your Own Head

I have this looming date in my head. December 20, 2017 my next and hopefully last ACL surgery.  I am currently rehabilitating from my bone graft surgery and trying to launch a business, design a website, write a book, work a full time job, study for a certification, create a platform online, study for the GRE, apply for my Masters; and some days when I don’t feel like I have gotten enough done It’s easy to beat myself up over time. Don’t let yourself be your biggest obstacle!! Take time to spot and remember that you are human! You have 24 hours in front of you to make the best of and if you don’t they will be gone forever.  There is no time for negativity. Your goals won’t happen with negativity.

Don’t become overwhelmed with deadlines and obstacles; focus on the small things that you can do every single day to reach your goals and keep yourself happy. It is okay to take a day off for rest. More than likely you will return to your craft with a better mindset and will achieve even more! Worries about the future only cause you to miss a moment of happiness right now and miss a moment of productiveness right now. Life is too short for that. Take the time that you need to rejuvenate yourself when you need it and get back to being focused when you have your mindset under control. What you think you become.