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Knee Probs: Being Prepared to Travel


Traveling is always a hard process for me. Sitting too much, standing too much, and getting out of my routine usually cause my knees a lot of pain and swelling. I’ve found through experience that having a go to travel kit for knee pain helps these symptoms dramatically, especially if you are traveling after your injury or surgery. There are many items that can help you but here are some suggestions of the products I like to use.

My travel knee kit includes:

  • Hyperice sleeve for easy ice and compression on the go

  • Mobility Wod Gemini tool for rolling my tight quads or back muscles from traveling and overuse

  • Acetaminophen, Vitamin C, and Turmeric for pain, inflammation, and swelling

  • A basic muscle stick for rolling tight calves, quads, and IT bands

  • A Knee sleeve for swelling an easy on the go barrier between the ice and my skin

  • Marc Pro my travel E Stem unit to help with pain, swelling, and maintaining muscle controlling during rehabilitation


Tips for traveling with knee injury:

  • Plan out your knee travel kit and use it whenever able to.

  • Make sure you wear supportive footwear.

  • Take time to rest your knee. Plan out rest time.

  • Make compromises on your events because of your recovery. This is hard to do but important part in your recovery process. Overdoing it could cause you a setback.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help or cancel your plans if need be.

  • Be honest with your travel guests or hosts on the condition of your knee and how much it will limit you.

  • Don’t blame yourself for not being able to participate in dancing or sports.

  • Stick to your instincts. If it doesn’t look safe then it isn’t worth the risk.

  • Be prepared to be slower than usual or have setbacks.

  • Do what you can to be there for friends and family for weddings, graduations, or work commitments but know when to say no.

  • Don’t try to do anything too advanced for you.

  • Be patient.

Traveling while injured is not easy. Make sure you are smart about it and don’t overcommit yourself if you aren’t ready yet.