Follow Along My Journey to Recovery.

ACL Reconstruction and Rehabilitation is a long hard journey! Find support, guidance, and expert instruction to help you recover quicker and stronger! Watch as Jenna unviels her own journey through her 7th surgery with the small wins and the ups and downs in her Story Time Video Series. Prepare your mind for the ultimate recovery by learning tips and tricks to follow weekly to work on daily mindfulness and use it to help aide you during the hardest parts of your recovery. And follow along week by week as Jenna posts ACL Rehabilitation videos with expert demos and instructions on muscle stimulation, basic strength training after ACL surgery, how to navigate on crutches, how to decrease your pain, crutch friendly workouts, and more! Follow her journey from before surgery into a full year recovery step by step as you recover! Comeback stonger!


1 in 3,000 people will tear their ACL, and worse, after an ACL injury, you have a 1 in 50 chance of re-injury.Women are 2-10 times more likely to tear their ACL. Learn your risks. Prevent Injury. Recover Smarter to Prevent Re-injury.