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Positive Affirmations before Surgery

The hardest part about recovery from ACL surgery is the mental aspect. Consider working on your mindset leading up to the surgery and not just during your recovery process. The anticipation of the surgery itself can be one of the most difficult parts. How bad will it hurt? What should I expect? But you have to remember you cannot control many of those variables so thinking about them and worrying about them is only going to give power to the negative thoughts. Try to start controlling your mindset leading up to your surgery because that is the only factor in your control and the more prepared you are mentally for your procedure, the easier it will be to remain positive when the pain and frustration actually sets in.

Controlling your thoughts and mindset before your surgery can be difficult but try to first and foremost not let your mind wander into thinking about the surgery or overanalyzing it. That will only cause you to lose a moment of joy today. By writing and reciting positive affirmations you can talk yourself out of any worry filled situation. Try writing down and reciting phrases like:


“I will comeback from surgery stronger and smarter than before. I will be a better athlete because of this surgery. I am strong and will not back down. I can conquer anything that I set my mind to. I am resilient and will make an amazing comeback. I accept my new path and will create my own destination.”

Keep these affirmations with you at all times so that if you have a moment when you become scared or anxious you can pull out your affirmations and refocus your thoughts on the positives.

For me, one of the scariest parts of the surgery itself is the moment they wheel you into the surgery room.  There are a lot of people in there, nurses, techs, anesthesiologists and their team, and various assistants. It makes the moment feel even more real and even more risky. There are devices like mirrors and cameras everywhere; it almost looks like the inside of a UFO. To avoid feeling scared, alone, and confused during these last few moments before you fall asleep I gave my anesthesiologist a few positive affirmation phrases to read to me so that I could focus all of my energy on the positives. I was much more at ease and my last few thoughts before falling asleep were confident, happy, and strong. She read to me the following:

“You will have a successful surgery. This surgery will make your knee stronger and equip you to do the things you love. You will comeback from this stronger and smarter than before.”

When I awoke from the surgery I had the most powerful feeling of confidence, eagerness to begin my mission and my recovery, and appreciation for life and all that it entails. The feeling was so powerful that I know it has to be attributed to the mindset training I had been working on and the phrases I had read to me right before I went under for the surgery.  I have had 7 knee and hip surgeries and had never experienced this insane amount of positive emotions directly after a surgery before. I highly recommend trying this out. Ever since that moment when I woke up from the surgery my life has changed for the better and I have conquered more in 13 weeks than possibly in my whole life.