Pre and Post Op ACL Consultation

Become educated on ACL injury, how to choose the right surgeon and correct procedure for your body, and askĀ  your surgeon the proper questions. Learn how to treat your injury leading up to the surgery and what to expect and how to prepare and recover from the procedure.

Mindset Consultation and Sessions

Surgery and Rehabilitation is grueling and can cause anxiety, depression, loss of self-identity, weight gain, and many other things. Learn how to mentally prepare and stay mentally strong throughout the road to recovery. Mindset is everything.

ACL Injury Prevention Training Program (local ATL)

Almost 70% of ACL injuries are non-contact injuries and research shows that neuromuscular training and strength training programs can decrease risk of ACL injury by up to 80%. Female athletes are 2-10 times more likely to tear their ACL especially during the ages of 12-17. A customized program can be set up for individual athlete, small group, or entire team of athletes.

ACL Prehab and Rehab Consultation and Sessions

Learn the best ways to strengthen and prepare for surgery as well as recover and return to normal life.

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