Jenna is a great trainer to work with. After experiencing four knee surgeries, I was extremely hesitant about training for fear of re-injury. As a trainer myself, it’s hard to admit but sometimes we can all use a little help to get back on track. Jenna is very knowledgeable when it comes to knee anatomy and I knew I could trust her cues, and count on her to know if it was okay to work through some discomfort or if we needed to back off completely. After just 2 months of working with Jenna, I became pain free for the first time in years and happily enjoy demoing my bootcamp workouts to my classes again! Having someone right there focused solely on your progress is worth every penny! I highly recommended her!

Kim Liles

Before I started working with Jenna I had a lot of knee problems if I played tennis more than twice a week. After just a few months with Jenna I was able to go to a week- long tennis clinic and I didn’t have any knee pain at all! Jenna helped me see that my knee pain was a combination of knee, hamstring, and hip issues, and she used weight training, stretching, and other exercises to address them. I’m very thankful for Jenna and I can’t wait to see what we accomplish next. Kyle Barry

Running has been an important part of my life since my first marathon in 1996.  When I injured my knee, in May of 2015, and could not run; I was not a happy camper! I went to the orthopedist, and he x-rayed both knees, and said that I had cartilage, but the tendons, muscles, etc. were extremely inflamed.  He advised me to stop running and initiate a program of exercise therapy to help heal the knee. Jenna built a customized program of home and in-the-gym exercises, and began working with me three times per week.  Within three months, my knees were feeling great! Now I can run again, and I will continue the exercises for probably the rest of my life to ensure strong muscles and tendons, and flexibility to enable me to exercise and run. I have already signed up for my next half marathon which I thought I could never do again! Yay for Jenna and a great program!!! Carol Johnson

I am Harland Gunn. I am an ex-NFL football player. I spent the majority of my NFL career with The Atlanta Falcons. While preparing during the offseason with The Falcons, I wanted to tend to my chronic issues of hip mobility and core instability. I knew I had issues with my core not being as strong as I’d like, and my hips being rigid from squatting heavy weights throughout my football career. The hip pain was limiting my performance. I heard about Jenna through my wife, and decided to explore the gym to see what type of services they could provide for the goals I had set regarding my hips and core. After a month of consistent work outs, mobility work, and stretching with Jenna, my hip issues were considerably reduced and I felt extremely free moving around during football practices and performing everyday tasks. My core strength was significantly improved and I was quicker coming up off the line. If I were to come across younger football players dealing with similar issues, I would refer them to Jenna to have their functional movement issues tended to. Thanks again Jenna. Harland Gunn

In today’s healthcare market place there has never been a better time to consider having expert guidance through your ACL injury and recovery process. I have known Jenna for 10 years going back to the days when she was my patient recovering from Orthopedic surgery. She was very focused on her own Rehab as she recovered from injuries as an athlete and with that focus grew her passion and dedication to change the lives of others with pain and injuries. It wasn’t soon after her first surgery that she was interning with me (at the age of 15!) so that she could start to learn as much as possible about rehabilitation and the human body. She is extremely knowledgeable in the area of Kinesiology and Exercise Science and because of her past experiences she is an excellent choice to guide you through a complete recovery. Without any hesitation I recommend Jenna to any of my patients who need a Preventative ACL Training Program or extra guidance with Post Rehabilitation Programs designed to enhance your ACL reconstruction recovery.

Terry Trundle – ATC, LAT, PTA Athletic Rehab Institute- Owner/Director of Sports Medicine

Jenna began working with me 6 months before my hip replacement. She had me do a lot of hip strengthening exercises to prepare me for me surgery. Thanks to Jenna, I was back at work in 5 days and working out in 2 weeks. At my post op appointment, my surgeon thanked me for making him look good. Jenna gets all of the credit, she is the best!

Howard Steinberg

As a lifelong competitive athlete (soccer, martial art and gymnastics) and a full time martial art professional with more than 30 years of martial art training under my ‘wheels’ (a.k.a. knees), Jenna’s approach to heal, train and strengthen provided the best formula for my recent recovery from a medial posterior meniscus tear on my right knee. In 2009 I suffered the same injury on my left knee and underwent a surgery to remove the torn portion to regain full function, reduce pain and swelling. I wish I knew then what I know now…and more importantly I wish I knew Jenna! Although the 2009 surgery successfully removed the primary discomfort, returned the majority of my range of motion and allowed me to resume regular activity the full range of motion took nearly 6 months to return to the left leg. Subsequently in 2010 (nearly 12 months after the meniscus surgery) I fractured the navicular in my right foot, which was not recommended for surgery. Prior to working with Jenna no other Dr. or therapist I’ve worked with in past rehab sessions noticed the misalignment from my right foot injury and how it may be affecting my performance. The first question Jenna asked during her initial diagnosis/assessment when we began our first session was about my right foot. As a result, she immediately began to work foot strength and balance exercises into my right knee rehabilitation program. Over an 8-week period Jenna not only challenged me and educated me in ways that helped me better understand the mechanics of my injury, but also provided a phased approach to strengthen the areas around my injured meniscus. At the conclusion of the 8 week training period, I was not only able to participate fully in a martial art demonstration I had been preparing for overall for 12 years (more intensely over the last 8 weeks), but also deliver a full performance over a 4 day period of a combined 16 hours of training. I can confidently say if I knew in 2009 what and who I know now, I would not have chosen surgery over the rehabilitation and strength program Jenna personally designed for my full recovery! Thank you Jenna for helping me and keeping me on the path to full range, pain free, and functional strength!

Sule Welch

President/Founder/Sifu/Head Coach, The Welch Martial Art Experience - Fitness Concepts Empowering Life®

We crossed paths on Instagram by her simply reaching out and being supportive, but the bond we have now is unbreakable. I cannot thank Jenna enough for being my rock that I can lean on. I’ve blown up her phone so many times, yet not once have she shut me out or not replied. No one believed there was something else wrong with my previous ACL reconstructed knee until Jenna helped me talk through and diagnose my injury from my symptoms, X Rays, surgery scribe notes, and MRIs. My coaches and even my surgeon didn’t believe me but she did and she determined what was wrong before my surgeon. She is always thorough and honest with her replies and I greatly appreciate that. She’s a great role model and I aspire to be just like her.  She is changing the lives of young adults one at a time and she’s doing it well!! We need more people like Jenna out there! Our paths definitely crossed for a reason and I’m so grateful for it. Our journeys are not over just yet but I take great comfort in knowing that we will always have each other’s backs (or should I say knee’s…!) I LOVE YOU JENNA!


Student Athlete, Marshall University

Following my hamstring autograph ACL surgery, I wasn’t getting much guidance from my orthopedist nor my physical therapist. I tend to like a whole lot of information rather than assurances or advice to be patient (I’m a professor). I know now I was hungry for a clear plan for my recovery. I found Jenna’s book and read it during my first week post-surgery. I could see she knew my surgery and its recovery process inside and out. So I found Jenna on-line and asked if she did long-distance rehab programmes since I live in South Africa. Jenna promptly replied and, within a few days, I had a convenient, detailed rehab programme via an app on my iPhone. I realize now I was feeling depressed about the length of my recovery timeline and needed a clear, challenging rehab plan to help my mind as well as my body feel like I was getting back on track. I felt like I would never get back to my running, but I am confident now that I will someday soon. Jenna stepped in and gave me a road map to recovery from the across the miles. I highly recommend partnering with her.

Jenny Hoobler

Professor and Doctoral Programmes Manager, University of Pretoria Pretoria, South Africa